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'Re upgrade' Voir ® ETV ™ Three in one oil cooled transmission system protection plan

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 Huizhou, Guangdong, May 3, 2021- Voreco Voir ®  ETV ™ Upgrade the protection plan for the three in one oil cooled transmission system again.

       Huizhou, Guangdong, May 3, 2021- Voreco Voir ®  ETV ™ Upgrade the protection plan for the three in one oil cooled transmission system again. The three in one oil cooled transmission system (ESD) technology refers to the integration of motors, reducers, and inverters. With the continuous evolution of automotive technology, integrated design will undoubtedly become the trend of future development. Integration brings high frequency and ultra high speed operation, while also increasing the difficulty of oil seals.



       Voir ® ETV ™ In the three in one oil cooling system, the solution ensures that there is no leakage under extremely harsh conditions: 17000RPM @ 30min, balances the internal and external pressure of the transmission system in real time, ensures the normal operation of the transmission system, and solves the long-standing problem of oil leakage in the transmission system in the industry. Warry Technology has received good market feedback since launching the three in one oil cooling protection plan, and this upgrade is:

1. The waterproof and dustproof level has been upgraded to IP68, IP69K, and the oil proof level has been upgraded to level 7

2. Increase the ultimate oil pressure resistance to 35KPA/60SEC, and increase the water pressure resistance to over 60KPA/60SEC

3. Comply with oil compatibility ISO16750.5

4. Maintain 17000RPM @ 30min without oil leakage, and increase air permeability by another 3.5L/min/7kpa

5. Upgrading the product model from M440 to P683 has lower costs and better performance.

       Once the traditional solution product reaches 20000 km/h or the speed exceeds 13000 RPM, oil leakage occurs, which affects the application quality and appearance. Voir ® ETV ™ The solution products have been widely applied to multiple domestic and foreign vehicle manufacturers. For more information, please visit www.voir tech. com. cn


About Voir
       Established in 2009, with a focus on protective measures for over 10 years, it is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise. Adhering to technological innovation, we have launched the third-generation anti-seepage oil leakage solution in the fields of new energy vehicle ETV transmission, three-in-one oil cooled motors, and other fields, which has been verified in actual working conditions.

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