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Voir launch innovative dehumidification scheme for LED lamps


     In recent years, the automotive industry continues to promote electrification. Traditional halogen lamps have high calorific value, and LED lamps have gradually become a trend. Compared with halogen lamps, LED lamps are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, exquisite and extremely cool, but problems are as follows.

     LED lamps are exposed outdoors for a long time, which is easy to produce fog when the temperature difference or air humidity is too high. It not only affects the beauty, but also affects the lighting quality and service life. Voir launched an innovative dehumidification scheme for LED lamps to help manufacturers solve the condensation problem.
      Voir ® LED lamp dehumidification scheme products adopt self-developed and leading electrode membrane to directly electrolytic remove moisture from the air. Active dehumidification is irreversible, so that the interior of the lamp is in a dry environment for a long time to avoid condensation. The scheme product is embedded with waterproof and breathable membrane, which can prevent the entry of dust, particles and liquids.

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