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Professor Li Joins the BRIM new material company-Honer and Dream of the material master

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DEC30.2017:KempinskiHotelinHuizhou,China OnDEC30th,2017,professorLifengcomingfromXi'anuniversityoftechnologyjoinedBaoruinewmaterialcompanyandservedasthetechnicaldirector.Asaprofessionaltalentsofnon-ne
DEC 30.2017: Kempinski Hotel in Huizhou, China
On DEC 30th, 2017, professor Li feng coming from Xi 'an university of technology joined BRIM new material company and served as the technical director. As a professional talents of non-newtonian material field , professor Li will be responsible for the basic research of materials and the in-depth exploration of the combination with various application scenarios.
At this position, professor Li will provide technical support to the company, establish a team and work closely with the team members.But at the same time, professor li will retain his professorship at Xi 'an university of technology.This is another innovation activity for the research of E-PTFE materials since 2009.
Professor Li has devoted to the study of the preparation of non-newtonian polymer materials, the relationship between the structure and properties of the polymer materials for a long time, he has created a number of research directions, such as intelligent protection and collision prevention. Material innovation has always been the key, goal and dream of Voir Science& technology. "For me, it's exciting and it is a new opportunity”,Said by Professioner Li,” I am able to lead the team to apply the materials developed by the team to the advanced technology. I am very proud to be a member of the Voir family.I have learnt Voir for a long time, it is well-known in LED, Photovoltaic, especially the new energy fields, Which enjoys a deeply Influence as its wide range of visibility and customer application. This will greatly promote the rapid transformation of advanced materials and technology to productivity, Voir and I keep high consistent in many ideas and actions. With the domestic emphasis on basic materials, extension and market demand, I believed that there will be a better prospects.”
Voir technology was founded in 2009, Located in digital industrial park, Huizhou city, Guangdong province, with more than 100 employees in 2017, with a branch office in Shanghai. Voir Science&technology company is a technology-driven company focusing on R&D and product innovation,  it was well-known in its field for its waterproof and breathable protection technology.The products of VOIR cover a wide range of fields, including LED, photovoltaic, communications, consumer electronics, and outdoor military services.The company does not only concentrates on building excellent PTFE materials, but also works on non-newtonian anti-collision materials.
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