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Protective ventilated products are widely used in various industries: automatic engine and system, LED, electronics, portable electronic products, photovoltaic new energy, outdoor equipment cabinet, chemical packaging, battery and so on. With years efforts, Voir protective technological vents successfully won clients' trust domestic and overseas.


    ■Voir AMSCOI for New Energy Sealing
    Voir AMSCOI foamed organic silicone material is typically used in the sealing protection of shells in the field of new energy (battery PACK/PDU distribution box/electric drive/48V system). These shaped components can also reduce impact or isolate vibration. Voir AMSCOI silicone is easy to process to the required size or integrated in the shell.
    ■Reliable and durable Voir AMSCOI sealing solution
    In sealing applications, the flange surfaces with worn and flawed surfaces are usually sealed. However, the reliability and continuity of the sealing face great challenges under extreme working conditions such as high pressure, extreme temperature and hazardous chemicals.
    In many years of application research such as waterproof and dustproof, airtightness and ventilation, explosion-proof heat dissipation, etc., during the implementation of a large number of protection schemes, Voir New Energy Division discovered and overcome this problem, and developed a reliable and long-lasting Voir AMSCOI seal Materials, and can be customized into various shapes of gaskets/washers or processed into Voir AMSCOI sealing components according to requirements.

Protective products



1. Lightweight and easy to install
2. Durable in harsh environments
3. Flame retardant and waterproof (up to IP67)
4. Tight seal and long duration

Installation suggestions



1. It is applied to the mature cases of new energy 3 electric sealing, and a large number of customized sealing components.
2. Relying on Voir's many years of leading professional waterproof and dustproof, airtight, explosion-proof and heat-dissipating mature solutions.
3. The shape/size of the shell can be matched, and various gaskets/gaskets or Voir AMSCOI sealing components can be customized.
4. Provide single-sided or double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive, which can be attached to the surface of different materials.