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Protective ventilated products are widely used in various industries: automatic engine and system, LED, electronics, portable electronic products, photovoltaic new energy, outdoor equipment cabinet, chemical packaging, battery and so on. With years efforts, Voir protective technological vents successfully won clients' trust domestic and overseas.


Lightweight,energy conversion will be more intense. In the process of driving the vehicle inevitable collision, how to eliminate or reduce the impact of the collision has become the majority of auto manufacturers tirelessly overcome the subject!
Based on the anticollision and light requirements of new energy vehicle manufacturers for component housings, Voir cooperates with advanced university scientific and technical personnel to develop intelligent crashworthy materials suitable for automobile components. Parts equipped with Voir anti-collision materials can eliminate most of the stress caused by external impact in the event of a collision, thereby protecting the parts shell,personal and property safety.
Voir Anti-collision Material
The anti-collision material is a non-Newtonian material, which is soft and elastic in the normal state. Once meet with violent collision or impact occurs, the molecules immediately lock each other and rapidly tighten and harden to absorb and digest the external force, Form a protective layer.when the external.




⊙Dynamic stress response, nanosecond deformation
⊙Collision, impact sensor, case of soft is soft, strong case is just
⊙Smart flexible elastic material, nanosecond recovery
⊙Smart materials, such as human skin, react differently to different impacts
⊙Super absorption energy and buffer performance, can be protection eggs intact from 10 meters falling.
⊙portable,internationally advanced tip protective materials




1.Has long-term cooperation of new energy manufacturers
2.Provide on-site measurement and deployment of materials according to the conditions of the environment
3.Voir has a scientific test system for reliability, application and condition testing
4.We has set up outlets in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen,the technicians can quickly rushed to the scenes exchange
5.Voir joint research with advanced institutions