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Voir introduces high-end bidirectional waterproof, liquid proof and breathable PTFE material -- two way film series

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Voir technology today launched voir Twoway01 and Voir twoway02 two ultra-high molecular weight polytetrafluoroethylene (e-PTFE) film materials. The material has an improved formulation and excellent thickness control to achieve thinner application profile design.

      Voir technology today launched Voir twoway 01 and Voir twoway 02 two ultra high molecular weight polytetrafluoroethylene (hereinafter referred to as e-PTFE) film materials. This material adopts improved formula and excellent thickness control method to provide designers with high-precision thickness tolerance, so as to achieve thinner application profile design. The thickness of twoway series films can be customized to meet the structural thickness and reliability requirements of consumers.

       The new bi-directional PTFE film material can be well waterproof on both sides, and it is easy to be fused on different shells, which greatly reduces the application cost. It is used in the fields where both inside and outside the sealing cavity need waterproof and liquid proof. Because of its chemical inertia and other physical properties, fluorine material has become a multi-functional engineering material suitable for various harsh outdoor environment. These new materials are ideal for challenging application environments, such as chemicals, fuels, and the inside and outside surfaces of hydraulic hoses.


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      Chen, senior product line manager of Pingshan R &D, PMU division of worry, said: "we are very pleased to introduce high-end bidirectional waterproof, liquid proof and breathable PTFE film material to solve the special challenge of blocking liquid inside and outside the sealing chamber and maintaining air permeability. We hope to provide consumers with a two-way liquid proof solution, while maintaining ventilation and pressure balance. "


      About Voir PMU Division
      Voir technology has been focusing on the waterproof and air permeability of ePTFE materials for nearly 10 years, with material and application experience, and can provide a variety of solutions. The PMU division of worry technology is a business department focusing on the development and application of PTFE materials, which is applied in new energy, electronic communication, sealing and protection applications, as well as other scientific and technological fields that require harsh stability. Voir has three core business departments: PMU of ePTFE materials business department, Amu of elastic sealing materials business department and CBU of material application components business department, including explosion-proof and breathable protection of new energy, waterproof and breathable pressure balance protection of communication electronics, waterproof and sound permeability of consumer electronics, polymer elastic sealing solutions in the field of sealing electronic and electrical machinery.
Voir technology website: www.voir-tech.com.cn


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