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Voir® provide solutions for china southern power grid ;Specialists from Guangdong Engineering Society and China Southern Power G

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    On 23,May,Yang Zhongliang,the secretary general of Guang dong Engineering Society DC power supply special committee and eight engineering technicians of china southern power grid visit our company and have a technical exchanges.They had a deep exchange about the problem exist in outdoor electrical cabinet of china southern power grid.In addition,they were having a test in Voir® lab on the spot while analyzing and communicating.The meeting last for a whole day,Voir® came up with integral solutions and were deeply accepted by china southern power grid.Because of the time emergency,four Voir® staffs and five servicers of china southern power grid went to Kun Peng,500 KV converting station in the china southern power grid to perform quantized data analysis,and start to undertake to transform the installed cabinets with the resident manager.Under the hot sun,to choose the corresponding outdoor waterproof venting solutions for different cabinets, Voir® and china southern power grid technicians visited all kinds of cabinets with helmets and work clothes,and instruments seriously.This was the first time that Voir® go deep into the customer application spot and realized the first typical linked case from testing in the lab to customer application spot.It is said that this is another waterproof venting holistic transformation project of electric and power grid large scale group,Voir® set up a new standards of waterproof venting application in outdoor electric power cabinet industry.Voir® cooling filters—CF300 series of products start applying to state grid and china southern power grid gradually largely.Continuous innovation combining with market demand is the source power of Voir®.Meanwhile,quantized specific solutions and testing system is a strong guarantee to solve problems.

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