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Customer visit:Zhe Jiang H3C RD/CEG/TQC staff come to inspect our company and have a exchange

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    A few days ago,Zhe Jiang Yushi S&T Co.,Ltd technical division RD,purchase department CEG and quality department TQC come to inspect our company.Voir® explained detailedly for the customers’ queries in the outdoor application of monitoring system.And tested its gas tightness and the quantification of pressure and flow.Specialized software, hardware and demonstration system surprised the visiting customer greatly.As the leading supplier in waterproof vents area,Voir® always hold the principles of practical,innovated,spot quantized and specific,provide professional waterproof vents and superior services.Meanwhile,we cooperate with the leading manufacturer to achieve progress jointly.Our various type of waterproof vents successfully applied to different fields.We have received wide acclaim among the visiting customers depending on leading quantized testing,superior and hard-won success.In the future,Voir will continue to devote ourselves to waterproof ventilate enterprise as a pacemaker.
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