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Voir hydrogen energy solution products will appear in international hydrogen energy exhibition CHFE2020


     Voir technology will participate in the 4th China (Foshan) International hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology and products exhibition. Voir carries innovative technology solutions and products based on the field of hydrogen energy. We look forward to in-depth exchanges on the CHFE 2020 platform to jointly promote the development of hydrogen energy industry.


     "Voir takes technology as the core and supports the hydrogen energy industry" -- this year, worry will display not only the protection products of traditional parts based on hydrogen energy, but also the innovative solution product voir ® H2 hydrogen humidifier, Voir ® PEM proton exchange membrane and Voir ® EPV hydrogen discharge explosion-proof valve.
Voir ® H2 hydrogen humidifier and moisture permeable humidifying material
      Voir ® The core hydrophilic hollow membrane tube (ehht) of H2 hydrogen humidifier adopts voir ®  EPTFE breathable filter material provides uniform gas and water vapor without polluting particles for fuel cells. The low resistance and high permeability of the material can ensure the reduction of pressure and the stability of water vapor transmission rate, ensure the full infiltration of proton exchange membrane and maintain a certain temperature, and improve the efficiency of proton transfer and reaction.


Voir ® PEM proton exchange membrane
       Voir ® E-PTFE for PEM proton exchange membrane has selective transmission characteristics, maintains ultra-high penetration rate for proton H +, and blocks other gases, electrons, water molecules and particles. It is the core component material of MEA, the core membrane electrode assembly of PEM fuel cell, and plays a key role in the overall performance and service life of hydrogen fuel cell.


Voir ® EPV hydrogen discharge explosion-proof valve
      Voir ® EPV hydrogen discharge explosion-proof valve is an EPV explosion-proof component based on the stack safety design of fuel cell stack to maintain high air permeability under low pressure. During normal operation, the water and air permeability are balanced; When the pressure reaches the critical value of explosion-proof point, it will immediately connect with the outside world, quickly relieve the pressure and reduce H2 concentration to avoid explosion or reduce explosion damage.


Voir ® DeHum ™- N-INF
     The wet heat test results of fuel cell stack before delivery show that no matter how well sealed the fuel cell stack is, condensation can not be avoided. The condensed water poses a threat to the internal electronic components, affects the quality of the stack, and even causes disasters.


     Voir ® DeHum ™- The n-inf anti condensation scheme product uses the characteristics of moisture absorption in high humidity environment and moisture release in low humidity environment, which can effectively adjust the humidity in the battery stack shell to be in the best state, inhibit condensation, avoid short-circuit faults and disasters, and reduce service costs.

     Voir technology in the field of hydrogen energy: Currently, Voir technology has signed strategic cooperation with leading manufacturers of hydrogen energy to jointly develop and apply protection schemes based on hydrogen energy, including hydrogen humidifier project and other protection schemes.

About the exhibition
     The 4th China (Foshan) International hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology and products exhibition (CHFE 2020) is one of a series of activities of the UNDP hydrogen energy industry conference, which is committed to building a UNDP hydrogen energy industry exchange and cooperation platform. It covers many fields such as hydrogen energy fuel cell vehicle, hydrogen energy and fuel cell core parts and materials, and has a certain influence in the hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry.

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