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Successful cases

Over the past eight years, Voir protective ventilation products have many successful cases in various fields.





   Here are some typical recent successes:

PACK EPV series explosion - proof valve success case:the battery safety of new energy vehicles in China has always been a topic of public opinion.At present, Voir develops and designs a new product EPV explosion-proof valve, which is an explosion-proof breathable product designed for the new energy car battery PACK, which successfully solves the safety hazard of the battery explosion.The EPV explosion-proof valve has been introduced in the market quickly and has been widely used. 


Application Case of Automotive Electronics ECU:Voir SOCKET waterproof and ventilated plug, a waterproof and ventilated assembly specially used for ECU, is typically used for automotive electronic controller and exhaust emission system. The concept of green, environmental protection, efficiency improvement and pollution reduction has enjoyed popular support in the whole industry, and people value emission of automotive exhaust more and more, Voir matches electric vehicle drive control system with advanced awareness, and our SOCKET waterproof and ventilated components lead standard fittings.