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The condensation of moisture into water poses a threat to electronic and electrical products, ranging from affecting quality to causing insulation alarms and even disasters due to short circuits. In addition, condensation and fog have a significant impact observation effect. There are many problems and limitations in the application of traditional solutions and materials. With ten years of protective and breathable experience, Warry Technology is tailored to different complex working conditions and environments. Voir propose DeHum ® System protection plan.

    Voir ® The solid polymer electrode membrane of SEDM has high proton (H+) permeability, which acts as a barrier to

other gases, water, and particles. Electrically electrolyze H2O, and the proton (H+) from the anode passes through SEDM.
The electrode film dissociates to the cathode side and combines with oxygen to reduce to water vapor. Changing the l

oading or installation direction of the positive and negative electrodes has different effects (dehumidification/humidification).

Schematic diagram of electrolytic dehumidification



Characteristics of SEDM Solid State Electrode Film
● Active dehumidification, unaffected by high and low temperatures
● Environmental protection and low power consumption
● Does not affect sealing level
● Electrolyzed oxygen balance moisture loss pressure difference