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The condensation of moisture into water poses a threat to electronic and electrical products, ranging from affecting quality to causing insulation alarms and even disasters due to short circuits. In addition, condensation and fog have a significant impact observation effect. There are many problems and limitations in the application of traditional solutions and materials. With ten years of protective and breathable experience, Warry Technology is tailored to different complex working conditions and environments. Voir propose DeHum ® System protection plan.


Voir ® BR-F Moisture Absorbing Materials

Battery pack/5G base station/photovoltaic inverter/energy storage




       Voir ® The BR-F hygroscopic material technology solution is an innovative hygroscopic material based on the composite of synthetic fibers and

Voir  PTFE materials. It has a large moisture absorption capacity, fast moisture absorption, and also has the water locking and breathable properties

of ePTFE material. Utilizing the partial pressure balance effect of water vapor to promote moisture absorption and release of hygroscopic materials,

adjusting the humidity value inside the application chamber, and achieving the effect of reducing condensation.




Working principle


A. When the external humidity is higher than the moisture content of the hygroscopic material, under the action of water vapor partial pressure balance, water molecules are sucked into the hygroscopic material and locked by ePTFE material encapsulation;
B. When the external humidity is lower than the moisture content of the hygroscopic material, the locked liquid water inside is evaporated and encapsulated through ePTFE material to release moisture.


Program Features


1. Quick moisture absorption, reversible humidity control;
2. It can be recycled and has a service life of up to 8 years;
3. Direct use without power on;
4. Customizable


Installation suggestions


The method of use of this product is very simple, as it only needs to be placed in a relatively closed chamber to produce moisture absorption and release functions.


Installation suggestions


1. Battery pack (hydrogen fuel cell pack, lithium battery pack)
2.5G base station (RRU)
3. Photovoltaic inverter
4. Outdoor cabinet of power system
5. Wind power generation field
6. Energy storage field