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The core material of self research

Voir focuses on the research and application of new energy intelligent materials. At present, Voir New Material has successfully developed anti-collision materials, damping materials and sealing materials, in new energy including not only Limited to the battery PACK, PDU power distribution box, electric drive system, 48V start-stop power system, car bumpers and other niche and achievement application.


In response to the country to develop new energy, following the sealing material, Voir united Graduate School of Xi'an Polytechnic University and relying on the existing new energy cooperative manufacturers group, developed a smart material,it is lightweight, can be based on the collision, the impact strength adaptive deformation to absorb the buffer force,also called Anticollision materials.


This smart flexible elastomer gel is mainly used in international advanced technology protection, Voir is belong to pioneer that anti-collision material has introduced into the field of new energy,open the opportunity of popular protection.