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Voir ® Mechanical arm protection programme



Voir ® Mechanical arm protection programme

Provide assistance for mechanical, sensing, and control systems of robotic arms




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       With the development of intelligent manufacturing, industrial robots are widely used. Through robotic arms, workers can be reduced, efficiency can be improved, costs can be reduced, quality can be improved, safety is good, and factory image can be enhanced. Industrial robots are generally composed of mechanical parts, sensing parts, and control parts.
      The advantages of a robotic arm are: flexible movement, small motion inertia, strong versatility, ability to grasp nearby workpieces and work around obstacles. With the needs of production, higher requirements are put forward for the flexibility, grasping and positioning accuracy, working space, reliability, and other aspects of multi joint arms.
       Voir Technology's high-performance material component combination solution can provide assistance for robotic arm machinery, sensing, and control systems.


Product Features


1. The anti semi solid grease technology has solved the long-standing pain point of the industry's robotic arm: blockage and overflow of semi solid grease.
2. Strong compliance, maintaining the sealing performance of the robotic arm in a persistent motion state.
3. Extend the service life of the robotic arm end sensing system and accurately and reliably observe and record cavity pressure and pressure relief data in real-time.
4. Real time constant pressure relief connects the pressure relief pipeline and accumulates air pressure, while quickly recovering and maintaining a high level of protection after discharge.
5. Real time balancing of internal and external pressure solves the problems of oil leakage and negative pressure, ensuring the reliability of oil prevention function.


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