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Protective ventilated products are widely used in various industries: automatic engine and system, LED, electronics, portable electronic products, photovoltaic new energy, outdoor equipment cabinet, chemical packaging, battery and so on. With years efforts, Voir protective technological vents successfully won clients' trust domestic and overseas.



Voir® EPC-Vent Ex+

—— Venting, balance the pressure, provide the reliability protection 


Protective product


  P roduct code





   SUS316L+ePTFE+silicon ring

  ePTFE  property

hydrophobic oil repellent




Yes: laser mark

  Explosion-proof certification

Ex eb IIC Gb

Ex tb IIIC Db

  Protection type

eb=increase security

tb=standard enclosure protection

 Environment group

II C=the highest level of flammable gas and fog

II C = the highest level of flammable dust

  Protection level

Gb=high protective grade, suitable for area 1and 2

Db=high protective grade, suitable for area 21and 22


Product performance

1.W aterproof and venting, at The pressure Balance
2. ePTFE with hydrophobic property and oil repellent 
3. Suitable for potential explosion atmosphere (flammable gas or dust)
4. High strength stainless steel, durable
5. Flame retardant UL94-V0

Installation suggestion


Appliance advantage



1. Suitable for potential explosion atmosphere (inflammable gas or dust)
2. Authority EX+ certificate, (double) reduce certification work and cost
3. Real-time verification of safety mark, rise the confidence of the product and service