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ME: We are a vibrant enterprise, and has been committed to the development, production and sales of high quality waterproof and breathable industrial products.
You: Excellent talents, with the passion for pioneering and the potentiality for continuous improvement.
ME: Regardless of your household registration, height, appearance and family background, what I need is your actual working ability and active working attitude.
You: An adaptable person who likes to challenge new things and not to give up easily.
We are willing to provide a platform to you for your career, join our team, work hard with laughter, and create the success that both belongs to you and us.
You- will move towards success with a steadfast, positive attitude 
Let you and us hands with hands to plan the future and create brilliant future together

Below is our company's recruitment information, If you are interested, please call us at 0752-5310684.




Position requirement

Working place






1.Good conduct, love sales work, with a high sense of responsibility and team spirit, good health, optimistic and open-minded, passionate;

2.Proficient in office software, strong communication skills, strong learning ability and logical thinking ability.

3.Welcome fresh graduate.




Technical Engineer


2 position


1.College degree or above, major in mechanical and electrical engineering.

2.Be able to use relevant drawing software. 2D 3D software is required.

3.With good understanding ability, aesthetic view, team spirit , dedication spirit, and innovation spirit.

4.Welcome fresh graduate