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Brand story

Founded in 2009, Voir is a professional waterproof and breathable solution provider.When we use products (such as mobile phone, batteries, lamps and lanterns, LED, etc.) because humidity airtight environment, affect the service life. If you do not seal, you will worry about water and dust entering the shell.Voir waterproof breathable components come into being.


At the beginning of its establishment, the technology and products of the waterproofing technology and products have been awarded multiple patents, and It has ISO system and multiple product certification.In 2011, Voir waterproof and breathable products have been exported to New Zealand, Europe and India, providing solutions for nearly three thousand enterprises at home and abroad, and receiving visits nearly 178 enterprises.The following year, component shipments of more than 3 million, pure membrane product shipments of 500 kk, membrane material shipments of 8000 ㎡.


In recent years, Voir is following the footsteps of The Times, is committed to the safety protection of new energy vehicles, and has achieved good results, and the protective breathable products have been widely used in the market.


Today, Voir has realized the automation of manufacturing and detection line, and has become the leading brand in the industry.At present, in order to make people's portable electronic products better use experience, Voir has developed the Por-Ac waterproof series, which can maintain excellent acoustic performance.