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Protective ventilated products are widely used in various industries: automatic engine and system, LED, electronics, portable electronic products, photovoltaic new energy, outdoor equipment cabinet, chemical packaging, battery and so on. With years efforts, Voir protective technological vents successfully won clients' trust domestic and overseas.


    Consumer appliances are unavoidable from the erosion of water stains, dust, soap, dirt and other pollutants. With changes in environmental factors such as temperature and air pressure, the erosion is also intensifying, and household appliances are facing great challenges.
    Conventional sealing treatment can effectively block liquids and polluting particles, but cannot ventilate the cavity (stabilizing the medium is particularly important for audio). This constant accumulation of stress will directly affect the use effect and lifespan of electrical appliances.
    Voir Waterproof and Breathable Electrical Appliance Field Protection
    1. Waterproof and dustproof, protect electrical components and sealing elements from moisture, dust and particles;
    2. Ventilation and pressure relief, quickly achieve pressure balance through vent components, reducing the pressure on the electrical shell seal;
    3. Keep the cavity clean and protect the internal components from the penetration of water, detergents and other low surface tension liquids;
    4. Various forms of ventilating products are available to meet the aesthetic requirements of electrical products;
    5. Convenient installation, great convenience for design and production.

Protective products



· Waterproof and breathable
· Balanced internal pressure
· Simple installation
· Low cost

Installation suggestions

    Option 1: manual installation
    ① Clean hands and the installation surface to be pressed (check whether the counterbore pressing surface is clean and tidy, clean with alcohol if necessary);
    ② Align the adhesive-backed patch with the surface of the counterbore, and then press the patch on the edge of the mounting surface;
    ③ After pressing the adhesive-backed patch on the mounting surface, lightly press the edge for a week, and the time is about 1.5S;
    Finally, make sure that the adhesive film is clean and tidy after the counterbore is pressed.
    Option 2: Mechanical installation
    ① Clean the welding equipment and the installation counterbore, place the welding diaphragm in the product installation counterbore position, and control the welding time of the equipment to complete the installation.

Application advantage

· Adhesive film installation is simple, and the cost is controllable;
· PVD module press type, convenient for manual installation;
· Lightweight material;
· Long service life and low maintenance cost.