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Protective ventilated products are widely used in various industries: automatic engine and system, LED, electronics, portable electronic products, photovoltaic new energy, outdoor equipment cabinet, chemical packaging, battery and so on. With years efforts, Voir protective technological vents successfully won clients' trust domestic and overseas.


    The special waterproof and breathable products of the electric brush series increase the reliability of your products and enhance the quality and image of the products
    The electric comfort quality in daily personal care products brings great convenience to life, with rotating or reciprocating methods, different power sources, waterproof performance, etc., which provide more choices for the needs of the public.
    The brush series products are distinguished by the separate design of the external structure and the function of the sealed power supply cavity, but their characteristics and principles are similar, and the heat formed by the replacement of the power supply between the components in the entire power supply cavity is different from the electric product itself. The use environment puts a test on the requirements of waterproof and breathable protection level. How to make the brush products improve the water resistance and durability?
    When electric toothbrushes and electric shavers are working, they will come into contact with liquid and penetrate the inside. Over time, some parts inside will rust and age. Long-term storage will also cause some fine dust to enter the interior, which affects electric toothbrushes and electric shavers. The razor works and may even stop working. Worry's waterproof, dust-proof and breathable products can be instantly balanced even when the internal and external pressure difference is large, preventing water and liquid molecules from penetrating to the other side, and balancing the internal and external pressure of the cavity to prevent problems. It is implemented by welding with a series of waterproof and breathable membranes. Its surface filtration is better than deep filtration, excellent filtration efficiency, dustproof rate of 99.9%, almost zero dust emission, smooth surface without condensation, easy to clean dust, good barrier effect, long service life, and easy installation.
    Wo Rui Technology specializes in providing waterproof and breathable solutions, providing high-quality waterproof and breathable products for brush series products, such as waterproof and breathable membranes, push-type products PVD series/PF series can meet the waterproof protection needs of brush series products, improve product quality and extend service life .

Protective products

    Adhesive waterproof and breathable membrane
    Push-type PVD series/PF series
    The specific parameters are as follows:
    Air permeability A/P: 72-256ml/min at p=1.25mbar
    Water blocking pressure WIP: -120mbar (>1M)
    Temperature range: -40℃~150℃
    Protection level: IP65—IP67—IP68
    The parameters of the BAE series adhesive diaphragm for the brush series are as follows
    1. High adhesive acrylic glue can be installed quickly and easily;
    2. Protection grade IP65-IP68;
    3. Customized specifications and dimensions.
    Features and parameters of PVD for brush series
    1. Large aperture and high air permeability;
    2. Protection grade IP65-IP68;
    3. Press into the shell to complete the installation.
    Features and parameters of PF series PF603
    1. High air permeability can reduce the stress of the casing sealing strip by balancing the pressure;
    2. The product has a large aperture design, and the thermoelastic plastic body material is welded to the e-PTFE film to form a body, and the waterproof and breathable protection level can be IP65-IP68;
    3. The product is directly installed by pressing into the hole, and the operation is simple, and the installation hole can be directly opened.


· Waterproof and breathable
· Balanced internal pressure
· Simple installation
· Low cost

Installation suggestions




Application advantage

    1. The pure membrane type can be directly welded on the injection molding and is easy to design and shape;
    2. Adhesive type can be adhered to various sealed cavities, easy to install;
    3. Customize according to the customer's product design and size requirements, and match the air flow rate and water blocking pressure, and quickly provide adhesive or welded film products and different plastic cavity welding objects.