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    Voir Science&Technology Co.,Ltd is a technology company which devote to outdoor protective ventilation solutions.We take technology as core,professional focused and specific quantized to pursuit outstanding technology,quality and management.Since founded in 2009,Voir® actively adopt the core technology system which ranges from material technology,manufacturing technology to evaluation and simulation technology as flexible as possible to provide the market high technique content product and design.Thus satisfied personalized and frivolous market demands.Besides,we also spare no effort to cooperate and support the new product research and development for the customers.Due to the market and customers' continue trust,our company have been gaining good sales growth.We have imported high speed automatic equipment and coordinated with developing simulative application system of outdoor sealed equipments to provide more competitive protective ventilation solution for the customers.
    The high-value-added products are all derived from three core technology,that is material technology,manufacturing technology and evaluation and simulation technology.Our company is pursuiting the progress of these fields perseverely to achieve sustainable development.
Ubiquitous application:Voir® protective vents are widely applied to various kinds of industry such as auto electronics,LED,electronics,photovoltaic power,outdoor communication electronic,consumer electrics,outdoor war industry,aerospace fields,chemical packing and shipping,instrument and meter and micro-filter fields etc.
    After years of effort,Voir® protective vents have successfully won many industry leading manufactuers' trust,and could provide the best matched protective ventilation solution for the customer demands.
    Voir® is equipped with the industry leading protective ventilated lab,PV line,MV line and BAE line.Welcome people from all industries to visit our company.